Sunday, November 27, 2011

Would Adebayor be a good acquisition for Liverpool?

I read earlier that we might sign Adebayor because Carroll and Suarez have not gel. I must admit I am rather disappointed with Carroll because we spent so much on him and not only has he not scored enough but he also drinks too much.

I'm not too concerned about whether Adebayor will score because he showed with Arsenal that he could score and now he's doing the same with Spurs. I'm more worried about his level of discipline because I remember once how after scoring against Arsenal, he celebrated the goal in a manner which infuriated the Arsenal fans (see youtube video below) and he wasn't well liked at Real or Man City either. I don't know whether signing Adebayor would be a risk worth taking and I remember thinking the same thing when I first heard Bellamy might return to Anfield.

over the top celebration

I'm also concerned that if we go for Adebayor then it'll be like Kenny admitting that he may have made a mistake signing Carroll. This will then affect Carroll's confidence even more if we keep him and fans might start to turn on him if he continues to not score enough. There's also the issue of Adebayor's high wages. If we pay him as high as he wants, others at the club might want the same and resentment starts to build up.

It would be interesting to see whether this rumour turns out to be true. One things for sure, we need someone to complement Suarez because at the moment Carroll is just not doing the business and so long as that happens, he's not going to be an England regular like many thought he'd be when he was at Newcastle.

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