Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Barclays premier league player alleges racism

I wonder whether we would have heard of more allegations of racism if Evra had not complained about Suarez. I mean I'm pretty sure racism was prevalent even before that in the Premier League but it seems to be mentioned more frequent only recently. So what's changed? Has it really increased only recently or did it exist even before the Evra-Suarez incident but is only now being given the attention it deserves and only because it involves very high profile players in the game? Blatter's recent comments also didn't help alleviate the situation.

Jay Bothroyd

I don't know what Twitter can do to stop people from tweeting racist comments because people like the service because it enables them to say anything, anytime and anywhere and most people have them. I think the best way to curb racism is to try and educate people about the issue and to teach them that we're all the same even if our skin colour may be different. Parental upbringing is also vital because often the way one views another person is also infuenced by what one sees or hears at a very young age (10 and below). If the child's mother and father views someone differently because of their skin colour, the child will follow suit.

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