Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ankle Fracture: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation RECOVERY TIME

I can't wait to do my x-ray after 4 December 2011 to know how my ankle bone is. When I did my x-ray on 4 November 2011, the surgeon at KPJ Kuching told me the x-ray looks good.

After 10 November 2011, I found I was able to walk and also drive (auto). I do have the occasional pain when I walk up and down the stairs or at night when it's cold but other than that I feel fine. My friend who visited me in the hospital (GHKL) told me that once I have the metal plate inside my leg, it would be dangerous to go outside when there's lightning but I must say I haven't felt any pain though I have only been in the house so far when there's lightning. I haven't tried running or other sports but I'm just grateful I can walk. I wouldn't want to have to rely on others to do basic things like walk or bathe or use the bedpan like I had to when I couldn't walk. At the same time, in Malaysia, people look at you funny when you use crutches. When I was at KLIA, waiting to board the plane, the seats meant for disabled people were all occupied by people who weren't disabled! Before that when mum and I wanted to eat at the Asian cafe downstairs at KLIA, there was one table that wasn't occupied but before we could sit, some lady 'took' it and mind you she and her family members could all walk without any aid! Malaysia is still not a friendly place for people with disability. Now I know why the disabled (wheelchair bound etc) used to make so much noise about making public places like malls more disabled friendly. When I was studying in Australia few years ago, I hardly noticed disabled people having much problems.

The video below is an example of the surgery one would have to undergo for an ankle fracture. It is not my own video (I never recorded mine) but I got this from youtube. My fracture was oblique distal fibula (left ankle). The doctors at GHKL did a good job with the surgery (23 September 2011) contrary to public perception in Malaysia that public hospitals are not good. I think they're good except that they're overworked and underfunded. The housemen were pretty professional too even though they're only trainee doctors.

Initially , I was told I'd have to wait 12 weeks before I can walk without crutches but I find I can walk without any aid or support after 6+ weeks. I drank a lot of conventional milk (Anlene brand) and soya (Drinho brand), took a lot of potassium (banana, sweet potatoes, nuts, pitted prunes and cranberries, brocolli,carrots) and made sure I did not try to stand on both feet before the 6 weeks as I was non weight bearing. Websites about other people's experience with ankle fracture also helped. Most important of all I prayed and God hasten my recovery time. 


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