Monday, December 12, 2011

Warnock calls for more FA protection for Luis Suarez

Neil Warnock, the QPR manager said: "He is a foreign player in a foreign country. The crowd away from home gives him so much stick he should be protected from that as much as possible. Yes, he has got to learn that he cannot be making gestures but bloody hell, the stick he gets, it is about time someone did something about it. I think the FA and Premier League should do something.

"They are so quick to charge him in terms of putting a finger up. Look at the abuse he is getting and charge the clubs concerned if they are going to give abuse like that. The stewards must hear it away from home but they turn a deaf ear."

Finally someone not connected to Liverpool has admitted that Suarez does get abuse from opposing players and fans on the pitch.

Sadly, although Warnock is experienced and QPR don't look like relegation candidates this season, his opinion doesn't carry as much weight as say Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson. Seriously though, the authorities should look into this because Suarez has been unfairly treated so many times this season and I know other players who have gotten away with bad behaviour on the pitch. I just think people focus on him so much because he's a good player and is sometimes criticised for diving to get decisions in his favour and for the handball incident against Ghana in the World Cup.

I'm just happy Suarez managed to focus and score against QPR.

Hopefully Kenny will bring someone in to partner Suarez when the transfer window opens because as I've said before in my previous postings, Carroll isn't going to score as often as we'd like him to and this wouldn't be the first time we've had a player like that. Remember Keane? Carroll's not a bad player or person but maybe Anfield doesn't suit him.