Monday, December 12, 2011

SUPP political satire

Dissatisfied candidates (Wong Soon Koh and Peter Chin) will have a durian showdown to decide once and for all who should lead the party. The loser is to leave the party and State and not come back.

They agreed after Chin won the elections but was not endorsed by his rival's supporters.

Outgoing leader, George Chan graciously agreed to be 'referee' to ensure that the so called showdown occured without any outside interference (Putrajaya). It is no secret that Chin is favoured by PM Najib to succeed Chan. Critics argue that the showdown will not diffuse the Wong-Chin situation while rivals DAP feel SUPP is merely trying to gain cheap publicity by organising such an event.

An SUPP member who declined to be named told Takdenama newstv (sorry Bernama) that the showdown is exactly what SUPP needs to settle the dispute or the party risks being a laughing stock just like PBDS, Gerakan and MCA.

He added that if  SUPP had elections to decide who should be the leader, critics may argue that the election was not carried out in a fair manner. Deciding who should lead based on who can eat the most durians in 15 minutes in front of party members on the other hand is a much better method at this point.

Sarawakians are baffled by what's happened and wonder what the future is for the party and the State.

Meanwhile, PM Najib has left it to SUPP to decide their fate but suggested that sour grapes (that's for people who cannot accept defeat graciously) rather than durians might be a better choice for the showdown.