Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Suarez investigated by FA after finger 'gesture'

The FA is investigating claims that Suarez made a gesture with his finger at Fulham fans after Liverpool lost to Fulham.

I'm happy Kenny is siding Suarez because Suarez was taunted by Fulham fans and for some reason, he seems to be targetted this season more than any other Premier League player (well maybe except a certain Argentinian at Man City).

Suarez is currently waiting for a date for the hearing for a racism charge.

We need reinforcements in January. Spearing is sometimes careless with his tackles, Suarez might get injured at some point and Carroll hasn't been scoring enough.

I suspect in South America, all these things that Suarez has been purportedly guilty of (racism, diving and finger gesture etc) do not receive the same attention in South America as it does in Europe so I wonder whether it's also a cultural thing.

Anyway, Kenny's a good manager so he'll know how to deal with Suarez assuming Suarez has a problem.

There's no denying he is a world class player though. The last time I saw a player who was as dazzling on the field was Redondo (see video below), an Argentinian who played for Real Madrid in the mid 90s. They don't make em' like they used to.