Saturday, December 10, 2011


If you’ve read my post on Kuching durian, you’d know that we bought the durians I spoke about at Stutong (outside Public Bank branch) which is in Kuching.

A few days after I posted that, my mum and her friends went to Kota Sentosa, Padawan, just outside Kuching and got more durians.

inside of Padawan durian

She bought 6 big durians (see pics below) for RM 30 which is significantly cheaper than the one in Stutong. She also told me that you can get 5 small but compact durians for RM10.

Apart from price, taste is also significant and I’m pleased to report that the Padawan durian tasted even better that the one we bought at Stutong. We were waiting to see whether there were any rotten pieces as we opened them but to our astonishment, all 6 durians were ‘perfect’.
Mum was so impressed that she decided to keep a few pieces in the freezer so it’ll turn into ice cream (I’ll let you know how that one goes).
I wished mum knew how to make cakes because I love durian cakes (see pic below). The one sold at Secret Recipe is a must for anyone in Malaysia. The picture that you see below was taken at Secret Recipe, Satok, Kuching more than 1 year ago.

I’m no expert on durian or cakes but until today, I haven’t seen that many places selling high quality durian cakes in Malaysia. If you know of any, let me know, especially in you're in Sarawak or KL.