Sunday, December 11, 2011

Liverpool to swap Carroll with Tiote

Liverpool may swap Andy Carroll with Cheik Tiote. Tiote is to play in Lucas' position.  Chelsea and Manchester United are reportedly also keen on signing Tiote. Newcastle are expecting around 17 million pounds if they do sell him.

If you're wondering who this guy is, check out the video below.

 Honestly, I don't know whether we'll send Carroll back to Newcastle or whether Newcastle would even want him back. Secondly, even if Tiote is good, I don't know whether he'll do well at Anfield. No one thought Carroll would struggle at Anfield because he did well before that at Newcastle.

Is signing Tiote a risk worth taking? 

From an England perspective though, leaving Anfield make be a wise move for Carroll because I don't think the goals will come and as a striker you're judged on how many goals you score. If Carroll does leave, he will join Keane, Crouch, Riedle, Babel, Pongolle, Morientes, Camara, Meijer and Jovanovic on the infamous Anfield flop list.