Friday, December 9, 2011

Dalglish uses DVD to show unfair treatment of Liverpool

According to Kenny Dalglish, the dvd  illustrates why Liverpool were more sinned against than sinning at Fulham on Monday.

"If we have infringed rules we will have to accept it and take the punishment, but I'm not certain what the rules are when it comes to disputing a decision," Dalglish added. "What I do know is that referees are inconsistent with their interpretations. The only intent in Jay's mind was to get the ball, and normally our discipline is good, as our film clip can prove.

"If you look at the way Craig Bellamy was being provoked [by Clint Dempsey] at Fulham you can only say his discipline was unbelievable. He didn't commit a foul, he didn't respond to the player shoving his head into his face, and yet he was the one to get booked. Once that happened we ended up having to take him off so we weren't left with nine players."

Dalglish claims he can list four other players who have made similar gestures to the one Suárez made and escaped without charge, though he is reluctant to say who they may be. He disagreed that the Suárez gesture to the Fulham crowd was in any way comparable to the Wayne Rooney outburst into a television camera at West Ham that saw the Manchester United player charged and banned for a couple of games last season.

I think people should get off Suarez's back. Sure he shouldn't have reacted the way he did against Fulham fans after they taunted him but he is only human. The FA should take a close look at Kenny's dvd because there might be something in there that can exonerate Suarez. We cannot afford to go without Suarez for a few games. As it is, we've lost Lucas and Spearing, the latter having received a red card in the game against Fulham. Referees are also guilty of inconsistency and we saw some of that in the Fulham game.