Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clarkson from BBC Top Gear in trouble again

Oops he did it again.

Only this time Clarkson's angered the public by referring to people who throw themselves under trains as "selfish". His latest controversy comes after he got into trouble with the union for saying that workers who go on strike should be "shot".

Paul Farmer, chief executive of mental health group Mind, described the comments as "extraordinarily tasteless", especially in the wake of the death of footballer Gary Speed. He told BBC Radio 5 Live it was "extraordinarily tasteless in its tone". I think there will be many people who have lost loved ones to suicide and people who have contemplated suicide that will think it is in extremely bad taste.

Here are some videos that show just how controversial Clarkson is.

Honestly, I don't know whether he should be fired or whether he should resign but the videos you're about to see might help you decide whether you think he's gone too far or people are just overly sensitive.

Clarkson's suicide comment

Clarkson's public sector strike comment

To be fair to Clarkson, he did apologise for his comment about the strike.

Clarkson's public sector strike apology

And there are some who think people are just overreacting to what he said. What do you think?

If you're still undecided, know that he's also not very well liked by other celebrities either. One notable one is Piers Morgan.

Clarkson and Ian Hislop rubbishes Piers.

Clarkson locked in the toilet to Morgan's delight

Clarkson explains himself on Parkinson

Clarkson is so unpopular that there are videos by various individuals ridiculing him on youtube.

I also know that he's also not very well liked in Malaysia because of some comments he made about Malaysian cars previously. 

Clarkson destroys Malaysian car

Clarkson rubbishes Malaysian car

Personally, I think he didn't mean what he said about the strike and as for the suicide comment, I think if he had said it another time, it won't be as controversial as it is now. As you know, his comment coincides with  Gary Speed's suicide and Clarkson had only just got into trouble for the strike comment.

As for bashing Malaysian cars, Clarkson forgets that the Malaysian car industry is relatively young compared to established names like BMW, Honda, Ferrari and Volvo. Most of the cars that get good reviews from him are cars most people cannot afford.

He just needs to be more careful next time.  When you're a public figure, no matter how good you are at your job, people will scrutinise everything you say in public so if you're not careful, it can cost you your job as Richard Keys and Andy Gray found out not so long ago.

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