Friday, December 16, 2011

Chelsea flop Fernando Torres set for a shock return to Liverpool

I don't see how this is feasible but this is the report we're getting from 'reputable' football websites.

Torres will return to Anfield !

However, will it be on loan or will Liverpool sign him and if it's the latter, for how much?

To the Liverpool fans who think he should not be allowed to return, you might want to read David Maddock's opinion on this in the Daily Mirror. He makes some interesting points.

I was also furious when Torres joined Chelsea but at the moment Suarez may miss a lot of games and Carroll is not scoring so Torres may be what Liverpool needs to win at least 1 cup this season and to get that Champions League spot. A club the size of Liverpool deserves to play in Europe at least so if that means allowing Torres to return then so be it.

watch this space.